The store gathers all products of your interest to provide you with other products that you request and we meet them. We start with a brief explanation of Nattiq Store and its features:

The main page from right to left and from top to bottom as follows:

1. My Account: Two options are New Registration or Login. Once you register and get access as a user, you can preview the options available to you as a friend of Nattiq, and they are many, we mention the most important and most recent:

  • Wish List: It is a list of what you would like to have of products, either now or in the future
  • Order History: A list of products you have ordered and have not been supplied to you yet
  • Reward Points: This is a new service that is providing for our friends. For every hundred dirhams spent, he/she gets a reward of dirham for future purchases of other products
  • Transactions: The current cumulative balance based on purchases that Nattiq's friend spent

2. We return again to the parallel option for my account and the friend will find the language so that he/she chooses Arabic or English to browse the store and then he/she will find the currency icon to convert it into his/her own currency

3. On the next line, we would like to mention the most important elements, which is the shopping cart, which summarizes the products that you choose to purchase and the option to send the request automatically to the sales department in Nattiq

4. Then you will find a list of different elements. We are mentioning the two most important:

  • Special Offers: Nattiq will provide you with exceptional offers and appropriate discounts from time to time in order to be able to purchase that device or that tool or service
  • Training: We believe on the importance of training and in response to your desires, we will provide training courses through Nattiq store