About Nattiq

Nattiq Technologies was founded in 2001 in the US, state of Colorado and a year later moved to the United Arab Emirates in the Emirate of Sharjah. Nattiq Technologies sought to provide privacy and independence for blind Arabs by the conclusion of strategic alliances with international companies and cooperate with them to provide the latest and most effective tools which enable blind and partially sighted people in the Arab world to use.

For the past 20 years, Nattiq Technologies is proud for the company that has established strategic partnerships with a number of major prestigious international companies such as the Dolphin Inc. (British), HIMS (Korean), Index (Swedish), Optelec and HandyTech (Europe) and ViewPlus (America), etc. On the other side, this provides high standard of professional relationship composed by a broad foundation of loyal customers between individuals and institutions from all over the Arab homeland and diaspora communities, which are the first point of reference in identifying the needs of those with visual challenges, offering ambitions and assessments individually.

Our Goal: To provide independence and privacy for the blind and partially sighted people through the use of information and communication standard hardware natural placing them to achieve equality of opportunity with others and enhance their integration actor.

Our Message: Harnessing its expertise as a company for Assistive Technology to provide advanced technology and training solutions effective for the blind and visually impaired in the Arab world with the most convenient costs.

Development Strategy:

After nearly two decades of focused work and expertise in the field of assistive optical technologies, the management of Nattiq, represented by its founder and CEO, Odeh Hazeem, considered that it was time to move the company to full development and production, in order to meet a special need in the market of assistive technologies in the Arab world, benefiting from the accumulation of knowledge. Embodied in this approach, Nattiq developed the first designs for these devices and then examined, implemented and tested based on the capabilities of its crew and its technical skill fully output of the first product which is Nattiq Reader device as a unique device where it provides a high-quality reading of publications and books, providing a solution for as long as a blind Arab is able to read what it needs of printed materials whether in his study, work, research or even his hobbies. The device comes into two forms:

1. Desktop Nattiq Reader

2. Portable Nattiq Reader

These development efforts continue with the minds and hands of Nattiq’s crews to provide the following:

3. Sensor: NatNav Sensors are placed in specific places within the building or institution where guidance would be useful for the visually impaired.

4. Tactile board: The talking Tactile Map Board offers visually impaired users an accessible, tactile full map of the premises, as well as audio descriptions of and other information about the location under a person’s fingertips.

5. Nattiq Note: The first truly customizable laptop designed with the blind in mind. Built-in braille cells, Windows10, Acapela Voices, your own processor, Hard disk, RAM, and a full keyboard (Qwerty) all in one device.