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The greatest app for tweeting, Mo-Tweet

Mo-Tweet is a native app, that means we can use the shortcuts, usual navigation, and quick and easy to use default commands like using “Alt” key to go to the menu.

Once you open the app for the first time, it will direct you to the Twitter website to login and authorize the app. After that, you will be redirected back to the app again with a cursor on the first tweet on the home timeline. In some cases, the app will show you a message "Your demo has expired". Ignore this message and reopen the app again, and it should say "You have 6 days left".

  • The app contains:
    • Your Home timeline.
    • Your Timeline.
    • Mention Timeline.
    • Your Favorite Timeline.
    • Direct messages module. You can read and send Direct messages.
    • Search for user or text on Twitter.
    • Display your profile or any other user’s profile.
  • To read the current tweet, you can cursor down/up in tweet text.
  • To move to the next tweet, or navigate on the tweets, use space-1, space-4.
  • To get current tweet info, press space-i. You will get tweet information dialog that contains:
    • The tweet created date.
    • Retweet count.
    • Favorite count.
  • To reply to tweet, press "Enter." you will move to another page contains the tweet text and input text area to type your reply. And a reply button to post the reply.
  • To post a new tweet, either from the file menu or by a shortcut Enter-t.
  • You can send a direct message to the current tweet’s user while you are reading on the tweet. Just press Enter-d.
  • When you open any tweet by press Enter, you will get useful information about the tweet like:
    • Open a list of Hashtag on this tweet.
    • If the tweet contains a link, you can open the link in the web browser tab.
    • You can like the tweet.
    • You can retweet this tweet.
    • You can open the user’s timeline who created this tweet.
    • You can reply to this tweet.
    • Read the replies to this tweet.
    • You can delete this tweet if it is from your timeline.
  • There is a setting for showing the user’s full name, user’s nickname, or both of them.
  • You can send a direct message to any user by adding his/her username.

After the first run, you will get an option in the Help menu to purchase the app.

Press here to find the latest features and fixes on the Mo-Tweet.

Release note for Mo-Tweet 9th of July 2020

We are keeping improving the Mo-Tweet app and adding new features.

New Features:

  • Add a shortcut to retweet the current tweet from Home Timeline directly once you are in the selected Tweet press the shortcut: Enter-E.
  • Add a shortcut to a favorite current tweet from Home Timeline directly once you are in the selected Tweet press the shortcut: Enter-F.
  • Update the help menu with a new shortcuts list.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the issue of loading Profile for some users.
  • Fix the issue of App crash when sending an empty direct message in reply to any direct message. Now, it will display an error message instead.
  • Fix the issue of trying to send an empty tweet.

To download the app press here

To download getting started file press here

A webinar about the Mo-Tweet app.